Thursday, July 20, 2017

Whats this. a NEW blog post!?

Yes, it's been far too long since I've touched this poor blog, but in my defense, I have been very busy. Between a new job, a new granddaughter and the daily hustle, I've just been slammed all the time.

There are some pretty cool things though that have brought me back here..We recently bought 26 acres that is 75% wooded. There's only one neighbor that is somewhat close, but we share a gravel driveway that splits off to our properties and once on mine, you can't see them. The almost 100% fenced in with barbed wire and down the middle, there is a spring of fresh water that keeps a creek running all year long. Here's a few pictures of my new hideaway:

This is a picture of a small portion of the top-half of the property. It's very easy to drive on and where I'm parked, I now have a full-time teepee-tent with a cot and table for a quick camping option. This is looking at the teepee from the rear:

I keep the top-front half bush-hogged so it's easy to drive on and to ride my buddy's quad. There's an old logging road that goes down to the creek (was only partially logged 25 years ago) so the road needs to be cleared of brush from time to time and maintained otherwise. The middle of the property sits down in a gully, so it's sloped down. Fortunately the old logging road run along side the creek and when you head far enough down, you can walk across the creek and hike up to the other side. Here's a few pics of the creek and front-half trail.:

The second half of the property (after a fun climb) is where I intend to build one of a few shelters for a permanent camp, along with work on some rusty bushcraft skills. Once you get up the hill, it flattens out and looks amazing! There is a lot more to 25 acres than I had originally figured, but I'm very happy about that. I've been up there working on some temp shelters and starting to chop firewood and try out some gear:

I've had the land now since last October, that's why you see so many different colors. I honestly had a ton of fun out there over the winter.

So anyway, I'm happy and very excited to get this old blog going again and plan to have a lot of fun with it over time and document my fun on this land. I'm still getting new gear to review from time to time and will start posting it back here again, as well and keep you up to date on my latest projects. Thanks for reading and checking this out! - Bill

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