Friday, June 15, 2012

The ENO Pro Fly Tarp

I had a great time using the ENO Pro Fly recently and wanted to talk about it and share some pictures I took. As most of you who follow my little blog know, I'm primarily a hammock camper under all weather conditions and always rely on a tarp for shelter from the elements and anything else that falls out of the trees while "hanging out". I've used a lot of different tarps over time and literally destroyed a handful of them as well. The cheaper tarps seem to be a temporary solution and only last about 3-4 outings before they become useless, usually from an eyelet being pulled out from tension.

After going through my share of cheapie tarps, I wanted to step up and try out a few higher end tarps that are designed for rugged use and for a hammock at the same time. My favorite tarp this far is the Eagles Nest Outfitters Pro Fly. It's almost hard to call this a "tarp", but it does still fall in the category. Coming in at just 22oz, it's very light and easy to stuff into your pack next to your other gear. When packed in the included embossed stuff sack, it's about the same with around as a Nalgene water bottle and just slightly longer. The Stuff sack has a traditional cord lock on it which helps keep the tarp packed in night and tight.

The first time you pull the tarp out of the stuff sack, you find the ENO was nice enough to include some cordage for you to use when go to secure the corners down with stakes and the ends of the tarp to trees. The included rope is quite adequate for the job and also easy to see when it starts to get dark out. More than once have I been walking around camp at night and stumbled over my staked out cord ties.. not too fun.

One of the best features if this tarp is easily the tie-outs. The Pro Fly gives you six points (all four corners, plus the ends) The small tie-outs offer you the ability to tighten down the tension of your cord without having to tie knots. All you need to do is slide about 5-6 inches of cord though the outside hole on the tie out, then loop it over and down into the second. You can then adjust the tension with ease and the cord will stay put until you want to take the tarp down.

The tarp itself worked great for me and I really like it's features. Unfolded, it comes it at 10'6" x 6'4". This gives you plenty of coverage for your basic rainy day. It covers a standard hammock perfectly and with the larger width, it also protects your gear that you have stored under the hammock as well (at least, that's where I put most of it :) The material is made from a Poly-Treated Rip Stop Nylon, making it tough and waterproof. I have had the tarp out in a few storms, but nothing that would constitute a major downfall. The rain would just bead up and roll off. All of the seams are fully stitched and taped for added protection.

Setup and tear-down was quick and easy. I will say that it takes a little patience getting the tarp back into the the compression stuff sack each time, but after a few times, you learn how to do it without too much issue.

All in all, this is a fabulous tarp that I will continue to use and would recommend it to anyone interested in a quality rain-cover. It's a bit on the pricey side, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for :)

Retail: $79.99

Thanks for reading guys, more reviews and adventures coming very soon!

- Bill



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