Friday, January 6, 2012

Two Gerber Reviews!

Don't think that I've totally forgotten about this little blog, I've just been so busy with other things and with winter being in full force, I haven't been getting out to the wood as much as I normally would be.

Thankfully, it's been a rather mild winter here so far without multiple days in the sub-teen's. I spent a lot of time prepping for this winter beforehand by processing a ton of firewood and making sure the shelves were stocks with food and the water reserve was fresh and in place.

Anyway, I have a new review posted up over at my other home, Woods Monkey, for the fantastic Gerber Option 50 Flashlight. I had a great time reviewing this flashlight and feel very confident that it will not only last several years, but that I will have a battery sitting around that will fit it and provide ample light.

The entire review can be read in it's entirety right here.

Another great Gerber product I have had the pleasure of working with the last two weeks is their Camp Axe II.

I plan to post a lot more as I have the chance to work with this solid workhorse, but thus far it has been an extreme joy to process wood with it. I need to take it out for a long weekend trek in the hills, but for now it's doing a great job in my backyard busting up large splits into kindling.

The axe has a really good feel to it when you're processing wood, or just holding it in your hand. at only 34.6 ounces (just over 2 pounds), it's very light and easy to work with. The light weight is due in a large part to the fiberglass filled nylon handle that Gerber claims is "virtually indestructible", a clam that I feel may very well hold up with normal to heavy use over the years. To increase comfort when using this axe over a period of time, Gerber took care to make sure the entire thing is balanced out from end to end. This also helps out with controlling your swings and adding accuracy with ever chop. The handle easily absorbs the shock of each and every chop, which also helps to reduce fatigue over time. 

From end to end, The Gerber Camp Axe II is just a shade under 18", making it easy for transportation. Whether it's in your vehicle, strapped to your pack or hanging up in your shop, you won't be taking up much space at all. 

The head of the axe is hard forged stainless steel that comes sharp and after a few days of heavy use so far, stays sharp! I was able to break up several large pieces of firewood and process them down all the way to fine kindling. This may be nothing to special, but the edge retention was really noticeable over time. The fiber-nylon handle comes up and wraps securely around the axe head for added strength and overall control.

The sheath that comes with the Camp Axe II is a heavy piece of formed plastic that the axe head can slide in and out of easily. When not in use, you can lock the axe head in the sheath with a tight, rotating latch that secures everything in place. The hard molded sheath will keep you safe from accidental cuts, is light weight and also comes with a built in handle for easy carrying.

Last (for now) but not least, this fine axe is made for Gerber by Fiskars, the maker of fine quality scissors and other hand tools. This is another nice plus because I know from experience that Fiskars products are made to last. Their name is stamped on the head of the axe, along with their country of origin, Finland. This holds a special place in my heart since my grandfather and grandmother on my father's side were immigrants originally from Finland. Gerber has done a smart thing using Fiskars to produce their axe line.

This is only the end of part-one of the Camp Axe II review. I hope to get some quality woods-time in the near future and put this guy to good use. Until then, thanks for reading and I'll be back soon for more updates. Stay warm and safe !!

For more great products from Gerber, check out their full line at

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  1. Great looking axe! I got the same one, though its branded straight from Fiskars and therefore is orange, from my father-in-law this past christmas. It has been a joy to use and I'm excited to use it on bicycle camping trips because of its overall low weight.

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