Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WatchFire Campers Hatchet Mini Review

So, I was out a few weeks ago with my wife and came across this little hatchet in a small shop. Of course anything with a blade catches my eye and combine that with the word "hatchet". I just had to check it out.

I purchased this little guy for $17.99 and tossed it in my pack to check it out when I got home. Here are the  basic specs on this campers hatchet.

10 Inches overall size
Weight: .085 pounds
Stainless steel black coated blade
Slip resistant handle
Includes nylon sheath
Brand name: WatchFire

I got home and tried to find ANYTHING on the web regarding the company WatchFire and couldn't find a thing, except for a few places that sold the hatchet. I decided to take it outside and give it a once over and try it out.

The sheath that came with the hatchet is just your basic nylon weave with a belt strap on the back and a Velcro closure. The belt loop is loosely sewn to the sheath and if it ever got caught on anything, it would probably tear away. I would either add additional stitching to the sheath, or just toss it in your pack before you head out

The grip on the handle is actually pretty nice and provides a comfortable non-slip rubberized texture to grab onto.

The blade came out of the box dull (to my standards), so I took my file to it and managed to get it razor sharp with a few swipes. The blade itself is 4 1/2 inches long and 1/8" thick. I out the hatchet to work and was able to do some minimal tasks without much effort. I certainly wouldn't trust my life on this hatchet and you won't be cutting down any giant oak trees with this tool, but it will work fine for cutting up sticks, kindling, smaller branches and similar items. Don't expect to take it out and intend to "blaze a trail through the jungle", you will be very disappointed. Bring your machete and standard hatchet for the larger tasks at hand and keep this little guy in your pack for a backup or for the smaller tasks I mentioned.

Let me know if you have any questions and if someone can actually find some info on WatchFire, send it my way! :) Thanks for reading guys!

- Bill 


  1. Looks like a nice item for the Scout camping kit with my boys. I have an Eastwing Campers Axe which I picked up a Home Depot of all places and love it. A little long in the handle for backpacking but I used it to take down a 18" branch I lost in the backyard to a big storm. Nothing like a sharp blade :-)

  2. Hi Dean, I think this would make a great hatchet for a scout. It's light, can fit in in their pack or on their bent and has a good grip. With the black coating, it will resist rust as well. Those Eastwing's are good tools as well.

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  4. Oh that is one sexy looking little hatchet! Love the design! A hatchet (a good one that is), is something that you shouldn't start your camping trip without. Over the years, I have tried many models, and some were fine, while others practically fell apart after a few camping adventures. After doing some research, I actually found an article that talks about how to find the best ones, and to make sure they fit your needs. You can also check it out, here:

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