Monday, August 15, 2011

A Little Mid-Summer Camping

How did two weeks slip by and I somehow didn't get anything in here. I was camping for 3-4 days and spent some quality time with my wife for a few. While camping, I managed to get a major sunburn on my back and shoulders (that will tech me for thinking sunblock will last longer than an hour when swimming with the family!)

I wanted to at least toss up a few pictures for folks to check out. I had a great time testing out my new Guide Gear 10x10' teepee and how well it would function with a few days of regular use. I was very impressed by it's performance! One night we had a huge storm roll through at about 2AM and not a single drop of water got inside the entire time. The taped seams and rain covers did an excellent job and the tight guy-lines I had staked out help the teepee in place perfectly. 

You can see in this picture how the rain was hitting the ground as it ran off the vent cover and splashed up some mud. It rained hard for about 10-15 minutes.

One thing I did to help out at night so I didn't kill myself on those long guy-lines was to tie some bright, thin orange pieces of ribbon on each line. I didn't think it would be all that fun to crawl out of the tent in the middle of the night to use the restroom only to fall on my face. It's likely I would have seen the lines with the headlamp, but this made it easier. 

There is so much room in this teepee, I actually had it set up and more cozy than my first apartment :) 

I also brought my Grand Trunk hammock with me and set it up, along with my trusty tarp. The more I set this up, the easier, and stronger it gets.

Along with me, I brought out my various Condor tools to work with and review. I will post more info on everything I worked with a little later on, but here are a few pics to keep you interested.

Along with the all of the nice Condor leather work that came with each item, I also had the chance to try out a custom JRE Industries sheath that not only looks amazing, but is very functional and built to last. More on this sheath later. Here's a few pics of both sheaths for comparing.

I have a lot more to post up, but just wanted to get something out for people to see. I am wrapping up some reviews and plan to add them to this site, and a few other places as well :) Thanks for reading and check back for more soon!
- Bill


  1. What is the knife with the micarta handle?
    Is that the Condor Bushlore?

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