Monday, August 1, 2011

Hammock and Tarp Practice

It's been so hot out the last few weeks, it's pretty much a chore to stay outside for any length of time, unless your swimming or doing something that prevents the heat from melting you. Here in Indiana, we've had a few weeks with the heat index reaching over 100ยบ!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that staying hydrated in this crazy heat is the most important thing if you plan to spend any amount of time in it. This coming weekend, I'm heading out for a week of camping with my family at the local lake (no matter what the weather!) I plan to bring out a lot of equipment to test out and review on the spot. Along with camping, some hiking and fishing will be on the menu as well. The few luxury things I'm bringing will allow me to continue and hopefully finish up existing reviews, such as the Guide Gear 10x10' teepee.

I wanted to do something this last weekend, so I just set up my hammock and worked with the tarp for a little while to prep for my week long trip. I don't really have any high branches in my backyard to hang a suitable guy line, so I had to improvise some and work with what I had. Here are a few pics.

Expect a ton of great (I hope great) posts with pictures to start this weekend and go into the following week!

You may remember my single side Gran Trunk Hammock from a previous post. I set up the same one yesterday  and I'm pleased how easy this hammock is to work with.

Triple stitching all around helps with the hammock strength.

The first thing I did was replace the S hooks with decent carabiners. I'm sure the S hooks would have worked, but I sleep just a little better knowing that there's no chance of the hammock slipping off of the strap.

The tarp setup was pretty messy, but it would work in a pinch. My backyard is very small, making it challenging to set up my gear.

Finally, for my friends at Woods Monkey, a little pic for you guys :-)

That's about it for this small post. the countdown is on for my vacation and come fun camping. Thanks for reading!

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