Monday, July 25, 2011

My Larger EDC pack

Heya folks I wanted to just show you my EDC pack that goes with me daily. This is the pack that goes with me to work, when I'm driving or just going for a day trip.

A while back, my wife bought me a CamelBak H.A.W.G hydration system and it quickly became my pack of choice for EDC due to it's size, material and great quality.

In this pic, you see my shemagh scarf, great for keeping the bigs and sun away from you head and/or neck. You also see 50 feet of paracod weaved up and attached to the pack with a single S-Biner.

Those are pics of the pack when it's fully loaded. It's quite light and easy to load up. The pack itself was a little over $100 at the time and a great gift to receive. On one of the straps above, you can see my Spyderco Delica which sits very snug on that strap loop. the breath-ability of the back rest is very VERY good and deserves a lot of attention. The shoulder straps are heavily padded and both the inner straps and the back pads are padded meshed, so you won't get hot carrying this pack around.

As with most CamelBak's it has a nice water bladder compartment and a standard bladder. Something that is nice to have for carrying quick-access water.

In the secondary pouch on the front of the pack, the main thing I keep in there is my fire kit. This consists of a small Otter Box (I LOVE Otterboxes) a half-dozen Vaseline soaked cotton balls and my Survival Metrics Black Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter. This firesteel is amazingly easy to use, starts a fire with just about anything in seconds and is totally water tight. Here's a pic of this kit:

In the top small-water resistant pocket, I keep a nice multi-tool that serves many purposes.

Inside the main compartment is a whole slew of items what can save your life. Here are a few pics and I will list the items below with a little detail:

In the dark green bag is my camo poncho liner, the first thing that I ever bought when when I started to aquire gear. It's been all over the place and it's still in great shape.

The red bag holds some food, water purafication tabs, some TP and tissue

In the back, you have a 32oz Nalgene bottle and a slick GSI stainless steel bottle cup that you can cook with and eat with as well. Here's link to the cup:

Also in the back is a cheapie Coleman rain poncho.

Up front, you have a basic, yet complete first aid kit in a military OD belt pouch. I added a lot of items to it. There is a decent compass, as well my Gerber folding saw with carry pouch. I've used this a few times when working on shelters and it really cuts well. It does seem a bit fragile, but I tend to take care when sawing and not go to crazy :)

Along with some extra clothes, you see my Gerber LMF-2 knife. In a rough survival situation, I would easily bet my life on this knives performance. I've used it to create basic shelters, split firewood, do numerous things around camp, clean fish, ect,. It comes with holes that can be used to to make a spear, so I have about 10 feet of paracod around the sheath in case it's needed for that purpose.

All of this fits into the CamelBak with a little room to spare. This is my larger EDC, I'll do a write-up on the smaller guy in the very near future. Thanks for reading!!!!

- Bill

P.S. If you want more detail on anything listed or something you see, leave a comment and I'll let you know :)


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