Sunday, July 17, 2011

Early Review: Guide Gear 10x10' Teepee Tent

Even though it's over 90° outside and the humidity is high, I couldn't wait to set up the new teepee/tent that I got through the Sportsman's Guide. Here is what I purchased:

What: A Gear Guide 10x10' Teepee/Tent - LINK
Where: The Sportsman's Guide (Link above)
Price: $89.97
Shipping: UPS Ground
Re-seller Video:

The teepee arrived within three days of purchase and two days ahead of UPS's estimated time arrival, good start so far! I'm not a huge fan of USP due to some trashed boxes I have received in the past from them, but I think they are getting better and this box arrived in good shape.

The folks at the Sportsman's Guide packed the box very well and included a full catalog of their inventory and a ton of other ads, as well as a few coupons for future purchases. Within the shipping box, was another box that has the actual tent in it. Due to the price, I wasn't sure if I would find the tent just folded up i the box, or contained in some sort of bag. to my surprise, I pulled out a nice carry bag with handles and a heavy zipper.
The bag is made of the same material as the tent, which I found out later to be great.

Unzipping the carry bag, I found the tee-pee all rolled up tight, as well as the instructions for assembly. If I had to pick one thing that stood out as poor, it would have been the instructions.. I didn't have that much of a problem getting through it, but when it say's "assemble and take down the tent before using it for camping to become familiar with it" they mean it :-) 

Following the instructions, I unrolled the tee-pee and found the center poll in it's own sack, along with two dozen aluminum tent stakes. I couldn't believe I would need so many stakes, but found out later that they are necessary when you want to prop open vent covers and stake out the guy lines.

I staked out the entire tent, unzipped both doors and then put in the center poll that came with the tee-pee. The pole assembles easily with the chain on the inside to hold it together. On the top of the center poll is a point that you are supposed to insert into an existing grommet at the top-middle of the tee-pee. Along with that is a small rubber tip that you can put on for added support. There's also a white base for the poll; I managed to forget about that when assembling the tee-pee, but it didn't seem to matter in the end.

The longest part of the assembly was staking the guy line out. There are ten lines all together and staking them is pretty straight forward, but it takes a little time when you first do it. Once they are all staked, the center pole is in and the base is staked, you have what I consider a great tee-pee, especially for the price! I've read a lot of reviews on this tee-pee and people complained that the floor wasn't attached all the way, but used buckles to fully attach to the tent in eight different places. I must have received a newer model because the floor is permantley attached to the tent and everything zips up 100% tight so that bugs and other creepie-crawlies cannot get in at all. 

All together there are four large air vents (two per side) on the bottom wall. They have included outside covers that can be zipped and velcroed down to the outside wall. If you want the covers part-way open, they have guy lines that you can stake out for a partial opening. You can also roll the covers up all the way and use the clasp that is attached to the tent to hold the door up all the way. I think Guide Gear worked hard on this design and included a lot of little extras. 

Above the side vents are plastic windows that are taped and sealed. There are inside covers for each window that you can tie down with the included bungie cords and eyelets, or role them up the same way you can with the vent covers. 

The tee-pee has two doors, both have a bug screen and a main door and zips up completely so that you won't get any surprises crawling into your sleeping bag at 3:00AM.

The top of the tee-pee has another vent that comes with an attachable rain cover. The cover has it's own guy-lines that attach to the main lines on the side of the tee-pee so you can pull them tight. The floor is the same basic tarp-material plastic weave that a lot of tents use. If you use common sense on the floor, it will last the life of the tee-pee.

I thought that the inside was very roomy and offered tons of space. If you wanted to to, you should squeeze in 5-6 people...5 people and some gear would be a tight fit, but manageable. You can see that I tossed in my cot and one of my sleeping bags to gauge the fit. I was surprised with how much space you have. It's only 10x10', but it's like a small studio for one person :)

All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase. I'm going to take this tee-pee with me when I go camping with my extended camping between the week of August 8-12 and see how it holds up. I prefer hammock camping most of the time, but I want to try this tee-pee out, as well as a bunch of other equipment and I can talk about them as well.

Early thoughts....

-- Price. 
-- Carry bag and bags for all parts.
-- Taped seams. 
-- Windows and vents are a plus
-- Spacious.

-- Instructions are sub-par.
-- Lots of guy-lines to stake out (don't set this up in the dark!)
-- Lines are a tad cheap. May replace with paracord.

I will post more thoughts and pics on this tee-pee when I get some real experience with it in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading and please post any questions or thoughts below!

- Bill


  1. Thanks for the compliment, Dave. It's a very nice teepee/tent and I'm looking forward to a real-world tryout.

  2. A cute cat inside the camping tent, what's the name of that cat. Keep up your good works dude, you have a very nice blog.

  3. Hi Kevin, that would be my first mate, Spotty :) he's the best cat i have ever had, very outgoing and loves attention. Here's a better pic of him on the same day -
    Thank you for the very kind compliments on the blog. I'm just getting started and have a lot to learn and some tweaks to make here and there.

  4. Great Review.. very tempting to buy this tent.

    Camping tents

  5. Thanks, Alan! I have used this tent a few more times since this review and must say that I'm not disappointed at all. No leaks during a big storm, good air flow and lots of room to stretch out. You should give it a try!

  6. I'm considering this tent. Will a twin blow up matress or two fit ok, with gear room?

  7. I've checking this tent online, so your review was helpful, thanks. What size does it pack up in the carry case? I can see this tent for a great refuge from the storm, I plan to be traveling by recumbent bicycle pulling a trailer. I could actualy park my bike inside. The weight seems ok, and the case looks long, however that is probably because of the pole. I could pack those pieces differently. Mark

  8. Hi Mark, thanks for the compliment on the review. I have used this tip[i several times since this was posted and I'm still enjoying it. Everything packs into that one bag, but you could pack the items separably. It's surprising how compact everything is one the bag is zipped up. I will say this, Spray some water repellent on the outside walls for added protection. Before I did and during a heavy storm, water slowly starting to bead on the ceiling in a few places and drip.Still, for the price, you can't go wrong!

  9. I just received this tent today. I'm very eager to get it set up and tested out. Just wanted to thank you very much for your review, as it was the most informative of anything I had found on the internet. Thank you very much for having taken the time to take these photos and write this review.

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  11. Thank you for your thorough review. I had read very conflicting reviews on amazon etc and was getting confused. You put a lot of details and thought into yours. I had been concerned about water and the door not closing well. Also do you know if a twin air mattress will fit between the pole and wall? Thank you.

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  13. Was wondering if there is a provision for attaching a line for the peak to an exterior guy point...i.e. ...a tree limb.?

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