Monday, July 18, 2011

Early Review: Condor Greenland Pattern Hatchet

All of my life, I have never owned a decent hatchet or ax. I've always gone the cheap route and bought things from Walmart, Target or some other sporting goods store and by the end of camping season, I usually had an hatchet that was either loose, broken or so dull that you shouldn't cut through warm butter.

I've been shopping around a bit and wanted to buy something good this year, but knew that I couldn't afford a Wetterlings or a Gränsfors Bruks. I still wanted to get something with a quality build that should last me for a while. I came back to the same company I got the Bushcraft Basic 4" knife from, Condor.

After looking at their wide selection, I decided to pick up their Greenland Pattern Hatchet. I ordered the ax a few days back and it arrived today via USPS. Condor takes pride in packing their tools and I was suprised to open the box and find everything secured with various ties, plastic for protection and cardboard to hold the larger parts in place.

When I first pulled out the hatchet, I was immediately suprised at the thickness of the handle and could feel the quality. This wasn't going to be a $10, hanging on the hook at Target hatchet. Just like their bushcraft (and many other knife lines) The Greenland hatchet came with an excellent leather cover that wraps around the ax head for full blade coverage. The leather is full and thick and feels like it can take some abuse.

The overall length of the hatchet is 16 1/4 " with a weight right at about 2lbs. The handle is smooth and stained, giving it a rich feel and appearance. The bottom of the handle has a lanyard hole, something I plan to take advantage of soon :)

The ax head itself is made from a 1045 high carbon steel. the blade was surprisingly sharp right out of the box with no need for a sharpening,,, just yet. The blade thickness for this model is 1.5 lbs. The head doesn't look very thick and I know that from the dozens of reviews I have read around the web on other axes, you want a little more width to your hatchet. i will just have to see how this performs. I will do a second part to this review after I take it out later in the week and get some work done :)

Anyway, more to come later on. Thus far, my eyes are very pleased! Thanks for reading!

- Bill


  1. Great review, how about an update?

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